Saturday, October 18, 2008

Suction stabilization for low fineness ratio pusher engine pod

I got an idea how to achieve suction to the read of the engine pod.
* The prop is located just after the laminar-turbulent transition to the pod and the remainings of the pod is a very large spinner which is open from the center.
* The air tunnel inside the pod has venturi-shape.
* There are tunnels that connect the venturi tube and the ring that is supposed to have suction.
* Airflow (which is used to engine cooling) inside the venturi (helped with the propeller part that is inside the pod) causes suction to the rear of the pod. The air exits at the end of the venturi tube, which happens to be the center of the spinner.
* The exhaust in the center makes the cut aft end of the spinner to still maintain low drag, it functions in the same way as the rear cut fuselages in jets

I have not tested this idea and don't know it it would work, but I think it would be pretty easy to try out in the model scale, even with an electric motor. This interests me enough that I think I am going to try it out of someone doesn't tell me (with better knowledge, as a fact that has been proven and tested) that it is not gonna work.

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