Wednesday, March 4, 2009

OT: MIK lectures event Today evening 18-21 at Helsinki-Malmi airport/SIL class room

Off-topic: This is just for those who read this blog but are not reading my other blogs and are located in Helsinki area Finland. We have a flying club evening event Today at Malmi airport in the SIL class, which is located in the Suomen ilmailuliitto's building next to the SIL-shop. There will be two presentations - one about flying ultralight aircraft (for PPL-pilots) and another about water flying. The lectures are in Finnish so it may not be too useful for non-Finnish speaking people to come, but if there are Finnish readers who want to join, feel free. The event is free and available to everyone. There are people present from both MIK (Malmin Ilmailukerho) and MILK (Mäntsälän ilmailukerho), so if you want to meet representatives of either clubs, you are very welcome. Lecturers today are Ari Nikkinen / MILK (Mäntsälän ilmailukerho) and Tom Arppe / EUT (Experimental and Ultralight association).

Monday, March 2, 2009

Will it climb?

I created new spreadsheet for calculating climb rate at sea level. I created it to investigate single engine situation in a quick way.

You can download it from here:

WARNING! You have to know what input values you enter, otherwise the results will be bogus. For example the value of K depends on aspect ratio and e.