Friday, June 13, 2008

Wing structural considerations

Martin Hollman's book seems to describe structural calculations of wing in a pretty understandable way. Even I can follow how the resulting equation comes from the integration. I may write some software for spar sizing and layup schedule later after I get the aerodynamics part good enough to be useful. Martin Hollman's book includes Basic language programs for spar sizing etc., but they are not that easy to convert into modern programming languages because they are full of gotos and gosubs and global variables used in a crazy manner (the traditional Basic-spaghetti way). So it seems to be easier to understand the equations first and create the calculation algorithm from scratch by myself.

However, it would be interesting to know how much weight penalty comes from high aspect ratio. I am particularly interested in AR higher than 10 where around 14 would be great, because I am interested in high flight efficiency. However, my structural needs would be for a lot higher speeds than used on gliders, so it would be interesting to know how feasible it is to achieve a structure for AR=14 that can have Va >= 200 mph without adverse effects e.g. like aileron reversal and flutter.

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