Friday, September 12, 2008

Single engine concept

Here is yet another concept illustration. The engine pod would contain HKS700T, Rotax 914 or UlPower 260i with pusher propeller.

The idea of the concept is simplicity, low drag and placing the propeller so that the arc does not get under the plane and thus is not vulnerable to flying dirt etc. like it is usually on pusher designs. The high wing is selected just because that way the center of thrust gets closer to the center of lift and the high thrust line does not cause that high nose down pitching moment. The engine pod fits between the V-tail, which makes the concept similar than the Cirrus Jet.

The major idea in this is that the part count is minimal. There are only two tail surfaces, two wing surfaces, and a single fuselage + pod.

I have done an X-plane model like this. In the model, the control sensitivity is low and the plane maneuvers slowly. It is difficult to make the ailerons and elevators effective enough.

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