Monday, October 25, 2010

Ar-drone flying

I referred to the AR-drone in previous article about flying car. We produced a short video about Ar-drone flying:

iPad provides control input (which direction one wants to go) and the computer inside the AR-drone provides artificial stability (so it is very easy to fly unlike RC-helicopters).


Robb Greathouse said...

This is a construction method that results in remarkably light boats.

I was wondering if it could be adopted for building ulta-light AR Drone style vehicle

Unknown said...

Basically I think the weight would come from the spars rather than that much from fuselage. Also more structure is needed to support more than the human there. I would estimate that AR-drone style vehicle (human piloted from inside) would roughly have similar weight than a similar size helicopter. AR-drone style vehicle though might have more robust shape which might in turn lead to a bit lighter construction, but I can't say anything conclusive because I have not calculated structures and thus have not made analytical comparisons yet, been looking at aerodynamics.

Nathan said...

Hmmm ...

Pull the computer brain out of this and use it to control high-current motor drivers, such as those used for golf carts. Mount four powerful electric motors pointed down under a simple frame (4 triangles). Mount the frame above a chair. Mount a gas motor and generator below the chair. Hold your iPad.


Erm ... test with bags of sand in the chair, and keep a safe distance away. :-)

This could fit in a car parking place, or almost.

brandenvcrowdus said...

I feel like making a human piloted parrot would definitely work. It would have to be almost all carbon fiber with EPP (polypropylene) inner structure. It wouldn't take much wiring. I really want to make one of these. Incorporating the ar drone's brain would be the hardest part because of licensing and infringement. I feel like they'd sell it for the right price.