Monday, May 30, 2011

Interesting post about Dynaero Clmax (>3.0) at HBA

These calculations might interest you if you are wondering what is the Clmax in those little aircraft. Rule of thumb from Daniel Raymer et all says it is impossible, but flight data from MCR proves that ULC R has nothing short of extraordinary high Clmax.

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Dennis Gearon said...

Hey Karoliina, sorry about off topic here, don't have your email anymore. Do you know of any nomographs for Re vs C vs S? (RNxChordxSpeed)? I remember there was one in the literature years ago. It's faster than calculating a bunch of points when doing 'napkin designs' of planes :-)

Unknown said...

My address is karoliina dot t dot salminen at gmail dot com. Feel free to write.

I think I don't have good graphs for this. But couldn't these be generated quite easily with Excel or OpenOffice?