Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dynaero MCR-01

I had a chance to see the Dynaero MCR-01 yesterday at Malmi airport. Here are some interesting pictures about it:


Dynaero smile:


Double slotted flaps:

Flap mechanism:


Interesting finding: the upper slot is rigid part of the flap. It does not move by itself, and the mechanism is as simple as on plain flap or the single slotted flap found on Cirrus or Diamond. When the flap is retracted, the slot hides under the wing. Very clever design.


John said...

Hey I just realised that this article I saw ages ago and the one I just posted on today are from the same person.... thank you for the stories! I remember finding your photos and being really pleased to see double slotted flaps on ultalights as I had thought myself that they would be a good and practical way to lower stall speeds for forced landings etc. I want to see one of these mcr-01s in the flesh and get a good sense of their overall shape etc. And good luck with designing your own plane! A person after my own heart. I like designs ranging from the zenith 701 to the mcr-01 and I reckon it should be possible to have low low stall speeds combined with fast, efficient cruise in cheap, LSA-type aircraft. I even wonder about having zenith-type slots that retract like in big jets etc. Obviously possible but seemingly too expensive/complicated/heavy for kits or LSAs. As I acquire knowledge and sketch aircraft I keep thinking that way and see it as possible. Cheers, John in Brisbane, Oz.

AVL said...

The double slotted flaps on the MCR-01 and MCR-4S are fixed vane fixed hinge flaps, like the one you can find on a DC-8 or DC-9 airliner.