Friday, August 29, 2008

Evolved aircraft concept requirements

I have a bit evolved set of requirements for an aircraft concept to present. They are now as follows:

- safe
* 2 engines
* 2 fuel systems
* 2 propellers
* non-stallable
* non-spinnable
* double avionics
* two batteries
* two electrical systems
* moderate stall speed (<=55 kts)
* good brakes
* good tires and landing gear that does not break from few bounces
- economical
* very low fuel consumption
* must run on autogas or diesel oil
- at least 2 places with side by side seating, in comfort (enough space in cockpit, a lot more than in a Cessna)
- very long endurance
- capable to high altitude flight
- best glide ratio speed as high as feasible (enabling cruising at L/D max).
- very high best L/D ratio (>=1:25)
- low minimum sink rate
- relatively low power required to keep in level flight
- low drag utilizing extensive laminar flow in the fuselage and wings
- lightning strike protection (copper mesh installed to the whole aircraft)
- utility category (+4.4/-2.2G)
- positively stable in all flight conditions (suitable for IFR flight)
- speed brakes / spoilers
- ballistic recovery chute
- strong roll cage around the cockpit, exceeding the current FAR23 requirement at least with factor of two
- keeping aircraft CG on correct place do not require using ballast (no matter if there are two or one person sitting on front seats)
- aircraft can be parked without anyone sitting on it on its normal upright position
- aircraft shall look stylish and out-of-this-worldish
- surface finish has to be smooth
- large enough control panel for fitting IFR instruments (Large EFIS screen + analog backup instruments)
- good visibility outside
- rudder trim
- aileron trim
- elevator trim
- using aircraft systems has to be simple and all procedures has to be very simple and easy to memorize (aircraft shall not be a checklist-machine)

Summary: Different-looking composite aircraft that incorporates extensive laminar flow, does not stall or spin and that you can fly from Europe to Oskosh and back with ease and with peace of mind. Complies or exceeds with FAR23.

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